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Photographing A Model Portfolio

Photographing A Model Portfolio

Video by: Kayleigh June

Hey guys!

Today I did a video all about photographing model portfolios! This was a request from one of my viewers and I thought it could be a really good topic to share some information on!

Hope you all enjoy. 🙂

Sorry about the sound, I had the fan on because my room was so hot! -_-

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Perfecting The Headshot with Peter Hurley

Perfecting The Headshot with Peter Hurley

If you are shooting professionally or are just a part time photographer, this tutorial will teach you how to make the best possible headshots of anyone regardless if you are shooting outside with natural light or are inside a small studio with strobes or constant lights.

Picking the best headshot photographer

Whether you are a model, actor, or a business professional, it is crucial that you have the best photographs to present yourself to prospective clients.

It may appear small but obtaining the right headshot can mean the difference between landing a job and losing one to somebody else. That’s why you will need to be certain that you locate an experienced headshot photographer for your own photos.

Look at their portfolio to assess their job and see whether they’ve produced great shots for their previous customers. You may also talk with them on the telephone. The most important thing is to see whether you feel comfortable working together. If you’re uncomfortable working with the photographer, this will definitely show in the finished product and you won’t find good headshots.

Finally, let the photographer understand why you’re taking the images . It is essential to obtain a photographer that has worked with individuals in your area before. They will immediately understand what they have to do so as to produce a excellent shot for you. In some situations, it is going to be well worth it to pay the extra services fee to find a photographer that may do the job right the first time. Remember the right headshot can make a large effect on the progress of your career.